Sunday, May 17, 2009


How far since we child until now realize or understand well meanings of reality? Girls or boys, uncle or untie, or every single person in the world ever wonder means of reality.
About one 19 years old guy that first time lives away from family and fall in love with foreign girls. Suddenly he forgot his own religions, his culture and think that girl culture is better and great than other culture without even try to think to know them first. He learns that girls culture traditions, languages, foods, and the great about every single of her lifestyles. Everything about her, she really made that guy fall in love. One thing facts that he learned by himself, ever people that same race as her girlfriend is nice as her girlfriend except others race. He can easily point to other people of other race is stupid, except her girls race is brilliance and kind. As he always look down other race. One day, under a circumstance, he found a rich guy from same race. He been shout more loud than ever he heard, being scold like doing a big mistake (sounds with ego feelings), his eyes didn’t close at all, only silent like being lost of words and being told to leave like a useless. After that, he asked himself how come a #%@*& (the race) shout at me. His mood extremely changes along with his face. Always think others stupid, that day he surely being stupid itself.
There is a girl, she is beauty but can be said pretty from different factor. Since she’s 13s she had experience many love story with lots of people. Even tough by change her appearance from period of ages and in that time she dint lose any space for her love story. If anyone know means of first sight love or first love, for her that had been relationships with lots of kind of people didn’t know or realize or maybe ‘remember’ when is her true love because for her ‘love’ is like a drug, without it she cant live in this world. She know it, only few is she put true feelings of love but others is just like changing cloths, money or fun resources, or like candle that can use temporary until she made it as revenge for all man as she been hurt by last man that she ever give her heart. When in teenagers, she always tell or in her mind herself that she didn’t have enough love from other people more over her family, she can get any man that she wants. As she become 20s now, she realize to be more responsible to her own life and others man that she ever with is useless and all the time she waste is just nonsense at all. She begins to consider a single man for her life. She still has conflict within herself as she just learned the true meanings of responsibilities. After that she realizes that actually she only consider about her own sorrow but other feels especially her family that truly love her no matter how their way of but they still love and care for her. She still can’t left her bad habit, but still hope for a single in her life.
From both of that guy and girls might be having same problems or different problems, but for sure both of them have learned reality. That guy has learned that every one in this world is neither of them is stupid, nice or different. Yet all people have different face but we all still humans right? Humans are great and beautiful but they also can be ugly. For that girl, she may through same experience like other girl but the difference is how strong of that person to face their weakness because we may not realize that we always run away from our reality. At last that girl still have dreams like other people and realize that to be exist in this world is not for free or being nothing but we have reality that need to face. As we getting older ever we wander how can be the day of our last day breath.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just for you

I standing in the balcony every deep night,
To find those cheerful shiny stars to cheer my heart,
While I begin my time, try to find every pieces of our memory,
The beautiful moment that I have past a long time ago,
Only U the one, the face, the voice and the only one single name,
That takes all my breath, my tears and my dreams of my night,
Without my consciousness I lost my faith, I cry….,

To hear those foreign languages love songs,
The melody seems understand me, trying to comfort me,
But still……, these eyes can’t stop flowing,
I hope that you would be here at that moment,
By my side, hear me, see me, and hold me,
Said that you love me and won’t ever leave me,
I’m trying to smile, and have my faith on you,
But, when I open up my eyes,
You are not by my side, not hold me,
What left is the deep dark that really empty.

How should I say? ,
Its feel so sad, so hurt, really hate you,
But I like you, I need you, and I love you,
Those feelings is so heavy than you can imagine,
I can’t bear to see your eyes, how should I know,
To sure that you feel it too,

Maybe I was wrong,
I should tell you how much are you mean to me,
How much I loved you, from the beginning,
I can’t bear to see your eyes, how should I know, to sure that you love me too? ,
This is really a long story,
when it is start and when it would be end,
Why this feeling is so heavy? ,
To think that you’re not with me or recognize me,
Until now I feel this sorrow,
With hope that you can hear my heart,
That beating fast only just for you……...


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

start a new day

peperangan, kemerosotan ekonomi, masalah sosial, politik, dll, menjadi perhatian masyarakat sekarang. Pernah tak sekali kita memandang sekeliling kita?,kita masih aman, tanpa gangguan sesiapapun atau apapun. mencari ketenangan dengan berkunjung ke club, disco or everything adalah sesuatu yang menarik untuk muda mudi. tapi dengan mermehati keadaan sekeliling,tersembunyi satu keindahan yang jarang di temui. Pada orang yang otaknya mudah di kosongkan seperti saya, situasi seperti ini amat disenangi terutamanya untuk mengenali diri sendiri. Melihat pelbagai telatah manusia, banyak yang boleh dipelajari.
Suatu hari saya naik bas awam untuk satu urusan penting di bandar. Dalam perjalanan ada satu kumpulan gadis yang budak sekolah pagi menengah pakai baju sekolah (ponteng sekolah). bahasa diaorang memang terlampau cantik. Kalau kat negeri saya diorang dah lama kene bawak ke balai polis sebab ponteng sekolah. Tergambar keseronokan kat muka diorang dapat enjoy hari-hari remaja diorang. Teringat pulak ada seorang senior ni cakap" diorang ni masa ni bolehlah seronok, nak sangat rasa dah besar (matang), dah besar nanti macam kita barulah diorang tahu betapa boringnya hidup ni".